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Job title Job location Date
Standard ad Kursberater/in Shanghai  2014-06-07
Standard ad Quality Control Zhejiang  2014-06-03
Babysitter German speaking Shanghai  2014-08-26
Account Manager (m/w) Shanghai  2014-08-19
Chip Level Technician Guangdong  2014-08-14
Production Manager/Director for ... Jiangsu  2014-08-13
Laptop mainboard repair Technician Guangdong  2014-08-12
German Editor Shanghai  2014-08-09
Protagonist für Galileo-Dreh Guangdong  2014-07-29
Quality Manager (m/w) Changzhou Jiangsu  2014-07-25
projectmanager for exhibition booths ... Shanghai  2014-07-21
Sales for exhibition booths and ... Shanghai  2014-07-21
Sales Manager, Food Safety Shanghai  2014-06-25
Full time employment opportunity ... Shanghai  2014-06-20
TranskriptorInnen und ... Shanghai  2014-06-19
Exhibit Design and Engineering ... Shanghai  2014-06-19
Teacher in China Beijing  2014-06-18
Teilzeit Deutschlehrer fuer ... Shanghai  2014-06-18
Production Manager Shanghai  2014-06-17
Quality Manager Shanghai  2014-06-07
Project Manager / Senior Architect Shanghai  2014-06-06
Project Architect Shanghai  2014-06-06
The world's largest PR firm - ... Shanghai  2014-06-02
Sales Manager and Customer Support Guangdong  2014-06-02
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