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14-Aug-2019, Ad#: 3578, Views: 27

+15 years experience running US company China branch
Jessica, China

Chinese female based in Shanghai: with 15 more years management experience running china buying office in retail industry for US companies, 4 years marcom/events /protocol experience in trade show industry for German company, can help you with your business in almost all aspects, have good knowledge over:

*start-up company establishment & daily operation
*project/product/supplier sourcing & management
*employee hiring, training and management
*marketing presentation & sales promotion

**excellent interpersonal communication/negotiation skills
*Good leadership skills
*A quick Learner
*Great presentation/marketing skills
*Fluent English in both written & speaking

Looking for a new job which fits my skills and working experience, pls contact me, and I will send a full CV


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